Glenn Graydon Wright LLP
Chartered Professional Accountants
Estate Tax and Planning

We can support you with effective estate planning through the use of various types of trusts in order to reduce tax and/or safe guard assets.  We can assist you in implementing, managing and reporting of any inter-vivos trusts to aid you in reaching your desired outcome.

We have the expertise and vision to help you minimize potential liabilities and to preserve the wealth of your estate.  We can deliver strategic tax and financial planning advice in order to protect your estate assets and ensure a smooth transition of the estate to loved ones, future generations and/or charities.

Our services include:

  • Preparing terminal returns and special elective tax returns on the death of an individual
  • Preparing trust information and tax returns
  • Filing various estate and trust elections and designations
  • Effective estate and succession planning
  • Preparation of a formal Passing of Accounts in court format