Glenn Graydon Wright LLP
Chartered Professional Accountants
US Income Tax

Many Canadian taxpayers have US tax filing requirements.  Whether you are a U.S. Person, conducting business or owning property U.S. situs property, there maybe a requirement to file U.S. income tax returns and/or information return(s).  Our firm can assist you with a variety of US tax filing and consulting services including:

  • U.S. Federal personal, corporate and estate income tax returns
  • U.S. State, city and municipality (if required) income tax returns
  • Various U.S. information returns other than/in addition to the income tax returns
  • Dealing with the IRS in dispute resolution.

We can assist you in all of your cross border questions, along with ensuring all required filings are completed on a timely basis in order to avoid any possible U.S. penalties.

We understand U.S. tax laws and IRS code and have U.S. certified professional accountant (CPA) services available.